Scholarship Opportunities for African American Students Highlighted During Black History Month

Rewarding scholarship opportunities are available for students pursuing careers in engineering, marketing, public relations, journalism, math, science, economics and more.

Why Broadway Is The New Wild West – 7 More Insights From Its Social Media

I then spoke with a number of Broadway’s chief marketing gurus, and discovered that…I was wrong. … This is also in contrast to overall social media use, according to a survey by Goldstar, where Twitter was outranked by Instagram and Pinterest. In …

Mobile First: 4 Must-Know Marketing Trends for Small Business

Add to that the fact that social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, all now have options for users to search, find, locate, review—and sometimes buy—without ever leaving the platform.

Examining the Current State of Social Marketing (Infographic)

Niche marketing as a whole is on the rise. Pinterest is now used for marketing by 90 percent of specialty businesses in the U.S.

10 Cool Things to Do on Pinterest for Business

To be able to fully harness the marketing power of Pinterest, you need to stop looking at it only as a place for competition but also as a place where you can grow together with other sellers.

Merial Appoints Susan Sholtis as President, North America

Sholtis brings more than 25 years of experience in executive level operations, business development, sales and marketing to her role at Merial.

6 Small Businesses Share Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Burg explains what he sees as an advantage for marketers who use YouTube video marketing. He says, “once the video is live you can click the social media buttons and send your video from the video manager directly to Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, …

Why User Generated Content is Taking the Content Marketing Space by Storm?

The article said that another trend observed in the report was that 78 percent of B2C companies were planning to use ‘user generated content’ (UGC) in their marketing strategies this year, a practice that was not even mentioned in the previous year’s …

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