Lemon8 : le nouveau rival d’Instagram développé par ByteDance

ByteDance tente de faire grandir Lemon8 aux États-Unis
C’est en toute discrétion que ByteDance, la maison mère de TikTok, a mis en ligne sur les app stores américains et britanniques sa nouvelle app…

Media Buying Briefing: How generative AI is being used by agencies of all stripes
Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to shape the future of the content creator business but as with all other applications, it’s not without risks.From creative briefs to deepfake im…

I made $1 million in revenue from documenting my life with chickens on social media. Here’s how I turned my blog into an empire.
Lisa Steele, a fifth-generation chicken keeper, author, entrepreneur, and television host.Courtesy of Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele is a blogger and small-business owner who made more than $1 mil… [+7285 c

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