How social commerce platforms have simplified business for first time entrepreneur

Social commerce is a subset of e-commerce. It is the convergence of e-commerce with social media, wherein brands sell their products and services via social media platforms. Social commerce is center…

5 tips for using TikTok as a small business owner without it taking up all of your time
As a 42-year-old business owner, Alice Kim initially didn’t think TikTok was the right channel to promote her clothing brand for women with D cups and larger, PerfectDD.  
“I thought TikTok was all …

Harnessing The Power Of E-Commerce To Reach Values-Driven Stylish Women 45+
Stella Carakasi Tiburon Tunic Design
Stella Carakasi
Carakasi and her partner, Steven Boutrous, said goodbye to a successful women’s fashion wholesale company to embark on a new way of doing busine…

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